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Deye’s Toy Corner

It used to be her baby basket. I said why give it away when we can still use it. So, I removed the cover. Dyaraaan! Deye has now a toy basket!

Why don’t you come with me and meet some of her fave toys?

Minnie the Minnie Mouse – A gift from my “ninang” Rose last Christmas. I actually told her the story when we once went to a shopping complex. Deye cried over it! She saw it on display and wouldn’t stop crying till she gets it. But unfortunately, I didn’t have any money at that time. It was over BD5. Then I told “ninang” what happened the next day. She volunteered to buy it for Deye. Anyway, few days were left before Christmas. That’s about it!

Teddy the Teddy Bear – Dada’s friends’ gift on her first birthday, it came along with a purple jacket. Teddy is her fave toy. She plays with him. She feeds him. And sat on him while she watches her shows.

Monie the Hanging Monkey – Another gift from my Indian friend, Asfia. It came along with a jumpsuit.

Hetty the Frenchy (fries) of Jollibee – She saw this in my cousins house when we went on vacation. She wouldn’t let go of her. As of that day, it was handed over to her. She sleeps with Hetty sometimes.

Papi the Puppy (Dog) – We attended a party two months ago. Deye showed off to one of my colleagues and got that one as a “compliment“. She chose Papi over Oinky hehe!

And there you’ll find Deye inside the baby cum toy basket heehee!

Btw, I named them all! If you ask her where is who, she’ll tell you! She’s got used to their names already!

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