Did You Ever Wonder?

When you have a headache, you take pain relievers. When you encounter burns and bruises, you apply ointments. But wait…. did you ever wonder how these things are made? Or you just don’t care?

I did but the hell I care about it? All I know is you get these kind of medicines over the counter and could be purchased without a prescription. Well, that was before. Since the day I gave birth to my daughter, I became more careful with what I give her whenever she falls sick. I first check the expiration date of the medicine that I buy. And even before giving them to her, I read the labels. But sometimes, even if I read carefully there are things (the medical terms about the medicine especially) that I still couldn’t comprehend. Thanks to the Internet! I chanced upon cgmp manufacturing. It’s a company that has built a reputation for its excellence in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Somehow, I know it’ll give me an idea how certain medicines are manufactured. It’s as simple as what my husband always tells me “Know how the food is cooked and served, don’t just eat it”.

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