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Did You Just Say “Mop”?

Bedtime…. the usual way, I pat her leg, sing a song and stroke her hair. But last night…

She said “mop” and removed my hand. She meant “enough“.

Did you just say “mop“?

Yes she did. And it pinched my heart, a bit. Was she trying to say that Mama’s service isn’t needed anymore?

I know…. very soon, I’ll be hearing more of these words… Just hoping when that day comes, I’ll be able to accept the truth that my daughter is no longer a baby.

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  • raqgold

    it hurts ba, mitch 🙂 it feels the same nung first day of kindergarten for both kids, — and then MC would be grade one next year, ngayon pa lang e medyo nag e-emote na kaming mag asawa ano, hehe!


  • Mitchteryosa

    Oo, akala ko walang epek kasi minsan I get irritated when she does not sleep on her own, lalo kung pa-baby ang karga, eh di ko na sya kaya.

    Yun pala…. huwaaaah!


  • Annamanila

    Moptigil ka na Mommy? Ay mukha talaga precocious si Deye. You really need to watch out .. be on your toes. I bet she’s a smart child who will excel in class.

    Wow, this is a cool its-all-in-the-family site. You’re really a devoted mom, Mitch. 🙂


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