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DIY: Bangles’ Holder/Organizer

With the amount of bangles I have collected and purchased, I can no longer decide which one to wear not because they are too many, but because they are disorganized that it is hard to find one, especially the arm candies.

I have been meaning to buy one or more but I find it too expensive to accommodate all my bangles. So I thought of just making a DIY holder. I made one to try and see if it’ll hold them, still organized.

Bangles Holder

When I saw my finished product, I realized it can also serve different purposes. It can be a pen holder, if made shorter. It can be a table display like a vase, or an accent to a jar full of coin collection just like what I did to keep it standing.

You will need:


Scotch Tape
Empty Tissue Roll
Paint Brush
Permanent Marker
Tissue Paper

The first thing you need to do is connect the empty tissue rolls.


Wrap it around with tissue paper. I painted it yellow first ‘coz I was not sure on what design to come up with.

Tissue paper

When done painting, let it dry. In my case, I didn’t want to wait too long so I used a hair dryer. When dried, I painted it with another color, pink. It turned out red orange.

Red orange

It took me a while to come up with a design so I just looked around the house, and voila! Copied it from the wrapper that I used organizing the girls’ school supplies. I love how it turned out (see first photo).

However, the empty tissue rolls are light to hold the bangles so I had to find a way how to keep it standing. I used the jar of my coin collection, and filled it with coins around it (see first photo).

Finished product!

Finished product

Here’s a closer look…

Finished product

Disadvantage is it can only hold up few pieces. That’s why I only kept the ones that I use most. I really need to make more for the rest of my bangles.

More bangles

The only downside is when I want to use the ones placed at the bottom, I have to remove the ones at the top. Well, that’s life! You can’t have everything heehee! At least I didn’t have to spend so much.

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