DIY Strawberry Costume

It’s the time of the year again when kids needed costumes for the school’s Nutrition Month Programme. In my case, I’ve used whichever available materials that are available in the household except for the foam sheets that were bought from Pandayan bookstore.

Note: The skin-tone leotard in the photo was a hand-me-down from her Ate Deye. She used this leotard twice already, once for her Igorot costume and another for her Flower Fairy costume)


Materials used:

2 pcs Apron (front and back) – I bought these aprons before for Php75 each, the girls use these when they do some artworks using water color.
Sticker Paper (for the white drops) – available in the household, I use these stickers for labeling their notebooks and books.
Green Foam Sheet – Bought these for Php27 per 4 sheets, used 1  sheet only for the whole costume.
Glue Gun/Glue stick – available in the household
Scissor – available in the household
Red Permanent Marker – available in the household
Black Permanent Maker – available in the household
Headband – available in the household



Did you notice the yellow linings of the apron from the first image? This was where we used the Red Permanent Marker. With the help of my 9 y/o, we colored the edges of the apron to cover the yellow linings.


I also cut small pieces of sticker paper shaped in waterdrops for that “something” on the strawberry and stuck them on the apron one by one.



Cut green foam sheets for the crowning leaves. Bought these sheets from Pandayan Bookstore for only Php27 per 4 sheets.


Cut small leaves and a stem, again using the green foam sheets for the head dress. Drawn leaf lines using a black permanent marker and glued them with style on the head band that will serve as her head dress – projecting the leaves and stem of the strawberry fruit.


To make the costume more presentable, I made two (2) sets of the above for front and back, and tied them together on the sides.

Completed the said costume in less than an hour. Oh I love DIY projects! Not bad eh?

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