Do You Hear Me?

This has been my morning dialogue with Deye so far… Almost everyday! Haaaaaaay! One of my daily mommy duties is to give her a bath. She loves taking a bath but we struggle everyday. I have to tell her “come” maybe 5x before she hears me. Haaaaaaaaay! As if she doesn’t hear what I say. There were times when I almost dragged her especially when it happens on my not-so-good days.

Last night before I went to sleep,  I was reading some parenting magazines and saw some helpful tips for mommies who share the same struggles with me…

Don’t get mad. I try as much as I could not to get mad but sometimes you can’t help it you know…. Try your best to stay calm and use a soft voice-even if you need to resort to a momentary time out for yourself. The louder your voice is, the more likely your child will notice the volume and not the meaning of your words. Hmmmm….. okay, I will try.

Make real contact. If your child is engrossed in an activity, gently touch her to get her attention. Ask her to look at you when you’re talking. I always do this, but sometimes it doesn’t work. I feel like she’s really trying my patience at times. Like she’d do it deliberately and she sometimes makes faces. Grrrrrrrrrr!

Give your full attention. You have to listen to your child if you want her to listen to you. Okay I got the message! I admit, I sometimes I fail to give her a quick response when she calls me, especially when I’m engrossed in grabbing paid opps heehee!

Give your undivided attention and if you can’t tell her “I’m in the middle of something right now, but I do want to listen to what you are saying. I’ll come get you in five minutes.” This works for us most of the time, or I’d give her something to get her busy like crayons and books.

If I come across to some more tips, I’ll definitely share it here…

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  1. ahaha OMG Ozzy makes faces mitch! as in rolling of the eyes.. ano ba un?! ahaha
    you know what I do, I say ok i’ll go nalang, bye bye na, tapos go in sa cr
    or wherver i want him to go, susunod naman!

    opposite nga si Ozzy, we struggle daily dahil gusto nya magCR tapos pinagbabawalan ko kase madudulas!


  2. Naku ganyan nga or minsan naman nakakunot ang mga eyebrows! Kaya minsan imbes magalit ako natatawa ako. Then ako naman ang mapapagalitan ng parents ko, be consistent daw dapat wehehehe! Pag galit, galit. :p

    Eto namang akin, pag nasa banyo na ayaw na lalabas, another struggle na naman hay!


  3. testing testing..

    ahihihi nku those kids.they are testing us,getting a feel kung ano limits natin. ahahaha!
    ako din natatawa…ang cute naman minsan eh!

    Vannie’s last blog post..1983


  4. hahaha. i wonder why kids nowadays are like that. Si Thea din, pandidilatan ka pa ng mata. like what she did last night. i asked her cousin if he locked our main door. she repeated what I said. hehe. sabi nya sa Tita nya, “Baba, lock pinto! tapos nakadilat ang mga mata nya… hay ang kulit talaga!.

    wena’s last blog post..Thanks Cbox


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