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I think I just fell in love with Angelika Panganiban’s dress that she worn in Wowowee New Jersey! Teehee! Not the color though, just the pattern and design. The moment I saw it, I started Googling hoping to get a photo of it online haha! Then I also started looking for some dress designs online. I saw lovely ones from www. and couldn’t wait to copy the homecoming dress that I am eyeing for. No, I won’t be attending a prom or something, but a wedding. The tailors can always modify it in a way that I won’t be shining like a lost jewel shimmering in the crowd haha!

Anyway, that would still be 5 months from now. I still have all the time to check. I just hope I won’t be gaining more pounds before that day comes. Well, if I do, I can always have plus size dresses tailored! LOL!

Hmmmm, guess I also need to check on designer shoes online. I just wish I could buy a pair. 😀

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