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I remembering completing a task about Mesothelioma lawyers, and there’s another one pending. But before I do that, let me list down the dues that I need to settle at least on Monday.

  • Unfortunately, I missed paying the water bill last month, so for this month I got two months pending including the last reading and that is about P2,700++.
  • Elec bill at around P3k++. Thanks to the cold weather recently our A/C consumption has reduced a little.
  • My cellphone bill approx at more than P1k. I made a lot of overseas call in the past week so that’s expected.
  • Smartbro at P999. Smartbro representative already called me yesterday saying that it’s due on October 10. Darn! They’re so quick and updated on this (thought I haven’t received the billing statement as yet) but when it comes to unstable connection reports, it takes more than 30 minutes to reach them. Agree?
  • Deye’s school bus at P2k.

That’s about it! Guess I’m done with the major ones. Life! No, I’m not whining here. Just stating the fact that life is such financially! Glad I still got online jobs helping us make the ends meet.

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