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Webster commented:

I have absolutely no luck on this things. I recently signed up in Sponsored review but I haven’t got anything. Yes I’ve already got accepted and i already bid on some advertisers..

I wanted to earn money from my blog.

Well..but I guess..my blog isn’t that great and my post are that crappy..

Hey can you have a post which talks about which websites we could actually trust..or so..

well if you already have that one feel free to give me the link…

and you know it’s important to have your referral…you earn money from those

Salamat po…

It’s my pleasure to share the links of my source of extra income.

So far the ones listed below have already paid me through blog posts, in order, 1 being the top in my blogging experience:

  1. Smorty
  2. PayPerPost
  3. Sponsored Reviews
  4. Bloggerwave
  5. Blog To Profit
  6. Review Me
  7. dNeero

Through affiliate programs (or text link ads):

  1. TLA
  2. Money 4 Blogs
  3. BNS Affiliates
  4. Yuwie

I would suggest that you read their Terms of Use first, and follow the posting rules strictly. Otherwise, they will reject your posts and you’ll end up writing for nothing.

Hope this post helps you. Goodluck!

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  1. wow, andami sis ah! hahaha thanks for the tips! il do this one time =)

    Pero yung mga nilista ko lang sa post na ‘to ang approved ako at nagbabayad na. 🙂


  2. I’ve actually tried most of them. Like Smorty, PayperPost..and sponsored reviews…

    Thank you so much..I’ll try them really soon.

    By the way..ung mga site na bang ito ay tested mo nah at somehow nabayaran k n nila?

    Yup, tested na. Kumikita na ako dyan sa mga yan. 🙂



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