Earring Collection

I never used to wear dangling earrings until I realized that it could enhance one’s look. Since then I become addicted buying pairs, but not the costly ones so if I lose them, it’s still okay. From few pairs, I now have:


Apart from these, I also have pairs of pearl. My husband bought the ones in the box, one pair each for the girls & I. The first box belongs to me. Some were gifts from friends while some were bought from India.


Yesterday, while I was looking for ethnic beads for my daughter’s school project, I discovered a place where cheap dangling pairs are sold, ranging from Php35 to Php100, depending on the design and size. They also sell long beaded necklaces which are perfect for special occasion.

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  1. OMG! ang dami at ang ganda! I like the way you keep them kasi di talaga nasisira yan.pwd malaman ano yan sis? my danglings ay nasisira because i keep them in a box then sometimes they get tangled kaya nawawala yang beauty.:)


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