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Eat what is served

One of my strictest house rules “Eat what is served on the table“, otherwise, stay hungry. Of course, an explanation comes next to that. Whenever I state those words to my eldest especially, I always tell her that those kids who sell plastic bags in the wet market work hard at their age to buy food and send themselves to school when you have the privilege to eat best food and go to school without struggle, but didn’t want to do it still. You know those usual lazy mornings with your grade schooler!

I did not raise my kids chasing them around the house with a spoon on your right hand and a plate on your left hand, wanting them to eat. I do what I think is right. When it’s meal time, sit on the dining, enjoy your food and talk in between when your mouth is not full.

But of course, I sometimes give in to their preference. I am a mother, who wouldn’t? And yes, I admit, I also break the rules – at times!

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  • Gayle

    Waaaah! I do that to my kids… them around just to eat kaya they don’t have any reason to say no to veggies. Ganun din kasi kami during our childhood days, hahahahahaha! Gantihan ba?! LOL!


    Mitchteryosa Reply:

    Ganun ata lola, ulit ulit lang. Ginaganyan din ako nun ni mommy haha!


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