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Eco bags

I always get the chance of having more than one eco bag whenever I attend an exhibit. Unfortunately, I never used anyone of those. Simply because I don’t like the design and to sport something with a Company name printed in front isn’t so fashionable for me haha! Until I realized it’s useful role in our environment. Too bad I have already given away those bags and just kept one, the PMC eco bag I recently received from Pehpot.

I guess this time I’d be more appreciative. In fact, I have used that same bag to carry the Indian mangoes for my officemates the other day. And it seems like I want more! Oooops not the mangoes but the eco bags. Luckily, Gizelle of Mirage is giving away eco bags. Isn’t that timely and exciting? The best part, the rule of the game isn’t complicated. All you need to do is blog about it, leave a comment in her giveaway blogpost and that’s about it! I just did!

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