NOTW: Epsa “White and Blue” Crack Nails

It’s been a while since I had cracked nails. I wanted to have a nail art done but felt lazy to go to a salon with this bed weather. So instead I asked my cousin to do it for me.

Epsa Crack Nail

We used a white satin as its base-coat

Epsa White Satin

And then the Epsa blue polish that gives it a crack appearance. I love this better than the first blue crack polish I had.

Epsa Blue Crack Polish

I love its combination. White and blue. Perfect for any outfit whether for an occasion or an ordinary day.

White and blue

These are available in HBC for Php40 each. In case you want the same colors, here are the numbers for your reference.

Color reference

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a productive online weekend this week. I almost missed completing my music assignment about cool komplete 8 ultimate at musicians friend. Our nanny went on her day-off and just got back so I’m left with doing the house chores. I’m just glad I still had the chance to get my nails done despite my busy week.

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  1. wow..this is nice! I think I have the same shade before too.. pero ibang brand lang. pangit nung labas saakin. nyahahahaha 😀


    Mitchteryosa Reply:

    Same here, I had the same shade but didn’t like how the “cracks” turned out. Parang naluma at nasobrahan lang sa hugas na nail polish haha!


  2. Blue crack nails will perfectly match beach outfit, sad lang we don’t have HBC in Boracay. 😐


    Mitchteryosa Reply:

    Oh yeah, it will. Ay yun lang, daming maganda and affordable items sa HBC.


  3. crack nails are cute and fun pero grabe they instantly crack too 🙁 or baka hindi lang ako marunong magmaintain 😀


    Mitchteryosa Reply:

    Yup, pero meron ding masyadong madikit, mahirap alisin. Siguro it depends sa klase at brand.


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