Erchee at 1mo

I was hoping as she reached 1mo, nightlife would be a lot easier for me but I was wrong. She’s become more clingy to me and still wouldn’t leave my breasts. She thinks it’s a pacifier. When I need to do some outside errands, I have to hurry so she won’t cry and look for me. That’s when I decided to put her on a mixed feeding. During the day time I give her infant formula in between and at night time she drinks milk from me exclusively.

At this time, I only wish one thing > to get a 24 hour sleep straight. I know in my dreams it could happen!

Off to read some supplement reviews! I need these reviews badly! Ciao!

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  1. hehehe same sentiments momma mitch ako nga in 3 hr intervals ang lakad ko!

    but i swore to bfeeding. so sa 6th month na ni Jacob ako mag mi-mix 🙂 ahihihi
    wish ko rin ng tuloy2 na tulog. gudluck sa atin. matagal tagal pa mangyari yan

    Vannie’s last blog post..So True.


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