Erchelle : Birthing Story Part 1

January 16, 5pm. I started getting pain. But I thought it was just another ordinary pre-labor pain that every pregnant woman gets when she’s nearing to the big day. Besides, I had a long day that day. I had my OGTT performed in the morning, from there I went to do some outside errands, then after lunch, we attended a friend’s (neighbor) party. Around  this time, I already felt something unusual, but then again, doubtful coz I was thinking it could be the amount of food I had before that. So there, I waited and observed. At the same time texted my OB about it and she said the same thing, observe and if the pain continues, go to the hospital.

January 17, 2am. I woke up my mom and told her to accompany me to the hospital, I just want to have a check to make sure everything is okay. Before leaving the house, I’ve shown my dad all the bags and other stuff that need to be taken to the hospital just in case we won’t be able to come back home. Good thing I told Deye earlier that if she wakes up without me by her side, that means Mama has gone to the hospital already. (She still cried though!).

Anyway, at half past 2am, the moment I got to the hospital, they contacted my OB and she ordered that I get admitted so that we could also have my sugar monitored. I’m supposed to get my OGTT results the day I delivered by the way! BP checked. IV. Everything checked. After sometime, my OB came. I was already 1cm. So she asked me it’ll take time, hopefully I’d deliver by afternoon. I said okay, I’ll wait here, anyway, I’m already here. Besides I don’t wanna go home and feel paranoid and get more nervous.

Before 7pm, she came back to the hospital. I had another IE and it was only 2cm. Next step? Induction.

To be continued…. need to get back to my online work slowly and finish one of the pending opps left (read: life insurance quote) few days ago. Don’t wanna miss the deadline, you know… we need to replenish the amount we had spent LOL!

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