I have traveled with my kids quite a lot already and these trips have taught me a lot. From booking a flight to the last leg of requirements, I have noted them down.

Last year, we went to General Santos City to witness the wedding of my sister in law. The couple resides abroad, thus, I expected and anticipated rebookings having both of them acquired such short vacation leave. I could’ve made the flight bookings all by myself but didn’t attempt to do it for I knew changes will be made last minute. I was right! I was glad that I asked for travel agency manila‘s assistance as they know better. I’ve also recommended their service of finding the best hotel that they could find for the family. With this, I was certain that no matter how many times we changed our plans, somebody will be there to lend us a hand.

After our flight bookings and accommodation were done, that was the time when I made a list of the travel essentials that the kids and I would need:

Mosquito repellant lotion and first aid kit. It’s always better to be safer than regret of acquiring diseases and illness. In our case, we have also brought a nebulizer with us. Just in case my younger daughter has an asthma attack, we are always ready.

Kids’ favorite toys. The only thing aside from dolls and watching TV that would keep my kids stay still is the iPad. Since it’s very handy and I’m usually online, I brought the iPad with us.


Blankets and shawls. If you feel that blankets are too big and bulky to carry, bring along with you at least two shawls. In case your kids feel cold on flight, you have something to cover them. I know a blanket is available on board but it is always good to bring something which your kids like and feel comfortable with.

Blankets and shawls

Security pillow and the like. Just like me, my kids have also their security pillows. They find it hard to sleep without these pillows with them. Theirs are small bolsters which are manageable to squeeze in a luggage.

Get your kids wear comfortable footwear. As much as possible, no shoe laces and fancy shoes during travels. I always make sure that my kids wear slip on shoes when we travel. Otherwise, bring an extra pair of their favorite slippers.


My youngest is still a toddler who drinks milk and changes diapers anytime. I keep a separate small bag with us to hand carry while the rest of the luggage go in upon check in. Medicines and other essentials also go in there.

Of course, a digital camera is never left and taken out from my list. It’s always best to capture candid moments!

Mitch Carvalho

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