Exciting Easter Holiday Ideas

Easter 2012 is happening more than a month from now. Some of the families I know have already made up their travel plans while some are still getting family holiday ideas from the Internet i.e. Go! Travel blog and the like.

Some would take the whole gang to the slopes, camp in the desert, spend a day in the family’s fave resort or travel to their dream destinations. If I have the money and opportunity to spend an exciting Easter holiday, I would go for the last one! Go to my dream destinations, of course with the whole family:

  1. Taj Mahal, India. I have been to Mumbai and Goa, but I’ve always dreamed of seeing this famous spot located in Agra, India.
  2. Great Wall of China, one of the most fascinating heritage sites in the World.
  3. Venice, Italy, would like to experience a ride on their classical Venetian boat – Gondola.

Most people that I know from the first class families take this magnificent time to go abroad and enjoy any sort of holiday activity they could do in the country, wherever their choice would be. Well, there are full range of activities from hiking to swimming, keeping the whole family happy. But let’s not all forget the reason why we are celebrating the Easter – the Resurrection of Jesus.

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