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“Extra” Reading and Writing Materials

At 5, Deye is already on her first grade. Too early but I’m glad she can handle it well. Sure she is lazy when asked to do her homeworks but I just discovered and realized that providing her “extra” reading and writing materials make her do her works without a fuss. In fact, she does not stop unless she gets real tired. She finds it more fun and exciting by coloring a book and at the same time not instructed verbally, but copy whatever is shown from the other page.

I am proud to say that she did the coloring task above all by herself except for the ones water color, where she had to mix two shades to get the required color.

I used to struggle a lot convincing her to at least finish writing a sentence until lately where she really exerts an effort writing, again, by copying what is shown in front of her. A little guidance is needed  but tolerable enough for her to finish a page of 5 liners. See her handwriting below. Can you tell that it is done by a 5 year old kid? Excuse me from bragging but I believe it is my right to do so, after all I am a mommy, so expect more “praising” words from me haha!

But wait did you notice her answer to the question “what is your gender?” She wrote “I am a good girl.” Makes sense huh?

I may have spent over Php300 buying these simple reading and writing materials but I guess they are worth the price.



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