Do you stand in front your closet wondering what to wear for hours on end? Wish you had a stylist who could help you put together bright, beautiful OOTD that would instantly see you on the front cover of You don’t need an army of hair and beauty therapists, a personal shopper or an unlimited celebrityesque budget to get the wardrobe of your dreams just follow our amazing hacks to adding instant edge to any look! Even the tiniest, weeniest tweaks can make the most basic, plain and functional outfit look as if you’re heading off to an A-List fashion shoot. But how do you do it? Firstly, don’t go out and buy a shedload of new clothes as you can probably create at least ten new outfits right now.

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It’s A Little Bit Knotty Now the weather’s getting warmer it’s time to show off your beach-ready body thanks to all those SoulCycle workouts over the winter. One way to pep up a cute, casual shorts and tee shirt combo is to grab a plaid shirt and tie it in a knot at your middle. You can either wear a strappy top underneath or show off a hint of flat tanned stomach. It’s a low-key, sexy way of dressing for spring/summer and will add a fun, whimsical feel to your outfit. Not only is this outfit perfect for summer festivals, lazy Sunday brunches and football games on the beach but it’ll look lovely paired with flat gladiator sandals from or over the knee Chelsea boots. Undo the bottom three buttons of the shirt, so the tails fan out and then tie them into a tight knot that sits just above the belly button and the straighten the upper part of the shirt out. 

Belt Up Those Layers Now’s the time to swap wool, denim, and satin for silk, cotton and chiffon so you can remove a layer or two if it get’s a little warmer. Layering also saves you money, as you can wear one or more item of clothing at once while creating a cohesive stylish look. Mind you, try to avoid putting on your entire wardrobe as the golden style rule less is more still applies! Too many layers will look bulky, random and a little weird especially if the weather outside doesn’t match your outfit. Grab a sparkly or patterned belt as not only will it enhance your waist, defining your shape, so it doesn’t look like your clothes have tried to eat you but instead gives the look a high-fashion feel. Check out this article about layering or start with a thin, sleeveless dress then pop a long sleeved cotton shirt over it, throw on a button down but leave it open, add a cute denim, furry, or leather vest then fasten the belt around your waist.

Off The Cuff Do you live in your skinny, boyfriend or ripped jeans? Feel like you’ve worn your trusted Levi’s one too many times? A fantastic tip for instantly updating a casual look is to turn up the ankles. It’ll immediately add street style, making your outfit look younger, fresher and more on trend as well as giving you the chance to show off those gorgeous ankle boots, crystal encrusted flip flops or cute raspberry red wedges. Believe it or not, there’s a particular cuffing style for every time of jeans. Skinny jean cuffs should only be half-inch wide, roll them twice to give them definition but make sure the roll is kept small as to not go against their streamlined appearance. When dealing with baggier jeans, such as wide leg or boyfriend, it’s more about the roll than the cuff, to be honest. Looser fabric needs to be kept relaxed, so if the cuff’s a little messy, it’s not a big deal.

Stack ‘Em High We all love jewelry be it rings, bracelets, cuffs, necklaces and earrings but how do you wear pieces and make them look high-fashion? Let’s start with the rings, one of the biggest trends right now is stacking but how do you avoid looking like you’re a little kid playing dress up?

First, take the biggest, boldest and brightest ring that you want to wear and then place it neatly on your index finger. Next, layer your smaller rings on your, you’ve guessed it, ring finger. Mixing your styles, metals, and colors up avoids them looking too uniform. Finally, grab two, to three midi sized rings and pop them on your middle finger. It’s a gorgeous look and will instantly make your hands look more attractive, feminine and draw attention to those sparkly blue nails. Don’t forget necklaces either! Layer those on in a similar way and don’t forget to choose pretty pieces like this one at that’ll suit your skin tone.

Sock It To Me! Yes, you may have been told to tuck your socks into your shoes at elementary school but socks are fantastic game changers when it comes to style! Scrunchy, messy socks can look amazing when paired with a more dressy skirt or shoes a la Lilly Allen who loved wearing her white converse trainers and patterned socks with fifties style poodle skirts. You might have spent the last fifteen minutes adjusting your socks by increments to make sure you’ve got the perfect amount of unicorns eating cupcakes showing but no one needs to know that!

Don’t forget, you also need to see how high your shoes come up and that’ll all depend on how long your precious pins are! A good rule is to show around 1/4 of your sock, pull them up for neatness then scrunch them down but avoid wearing ones that look too sporty or are plain, white and boring! Think bold and beautiful, feel free to embrace the odd sock trend or wear ones that profess your love of fries, lipstick or even Fridays! You can even get some amazing socks from that have been designed to look like Disney princesses, but be warned they look so lovely you may not have the heart to actually put them on!  

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