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Failed Marriage

I still feel sorry for my friend – whenever I remember her experience I can’t help but to think that in this world nothing is really permanent. You see, she’s been with this guy for more than 2 years before they decided to get married. A perfect couple and best buddies too! Their relationship was an ideal one. Read between the lines – I used the word “was“. Yeah, it was…. until…. a year later, everything went kaput! They lost in touch right after my friend went home for good. I guess, some marital issues. But c’mon it is still not proper to just go missing or abandon your wife.

I was still in Bahrain when that happened. I contacted my friends residing in the US and asked them if it’s possible to locate him, coz the last time I heard during that time he was relocated to Texas. I wish there were public records posted online that I know of that time, then maybe everything was easier especially for my friend. After that, I don’t know what happened….

Just recently, she messaged me and said that her ex-husband {I think the guy sent him the annulment papers after that, I don’t know the whole story} met with a car accident in Texas and didn’t make it. It was his cousin who messaged her, I believe. We don’t know if it’s true or not. I hope not….

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