Can you tell that my hair shown on the above photo was fake? Again, it was on my wedding day. A month before that, I have met with my hairstylist to let him know that my hair was as short as a boy’s hair. At least he could find a solution heehee! He promised that he’ll do something about it and he did! Check the difference… Down photo was taken 5 hours before the wedding.

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  1. We would have never known, if we had not saw the first picture. Wonderful “FAKE” hairdo and you looked so beautiful at your wedding! Welcome to the Photo Hunt! We have lots of fun!
    Samantha, Tigger and Mom


  2. You have a great hairdresser. We would never have known it was “FAKE” if you hadn’t shown us. You made a beautiful bride. Welcome to Photo Hunters, we have a great time!
    Samantha, Tigger and Mom


  3. Your fake hairstyle looked very natural.

    Welcome to photo hunters. Have a great weekend!

    Please visit me mine are up.


  4. @ Sassy Mom : Naku! Mabigat sa ulo and I won’t recommend it actually, maganda lang pero tadtad ng hairpins! Hirap alisin! I had really spent time removing them carefully kasi masakit dahil tumigas na sa hairspray. He had to do it that way otherwise baka malaglag kasi konting buhok lang kinakapitan hehe!


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