I just realized I didn’t publish a single blog post here about our family trip to India last November, my bad! Better late than never.

We planned this trip months before we traveled but my in-laws didn’t know we were coming. We wanted to surprise them. We had to unfriend them on Facebook on the day we traveled so they won’t see any of our activities online. We left home on the 2nd of November, with a 2-hour layover at Hongkong via Cathay Pacific, only holding e-visas which we obtained through Indian Visa Online. These visas were also paid online via credit cards. You just need to fill up a form, and the rest of the steps are easy-peasy. We got ours approved in less than 24 hours. You will receive an Electronic Travel Authorization to be printed out and shown at the immigration counter when you arrived at the airport. I will have a separate post about this next time.

We arrived at the airport on time with no hassle, but it took us a while to book a cab going home. Anyway, it was a smooth trip so no worries. We landed safely, with all our luggage still intact, energized and happy to see each other again after a year, but this time in my husband’s home.


Watch the travel clips below:

It was such a memorable trip for the girls, especially for Ishi, since it was her first International flight ever. She was too excited to vlog about everything but then got too tired after experiencing local flights in between during the whole vacation. She said it was too much and tiring hahaha! Kids! Just imagine how I packed and unpacked 4 suitcases in between. I’ll tell you more about my next posts, part by part, very soon.

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