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Feel Happier and More Attractive This Summer

Looks of course aren’t everything, but the way we look is more important than you might think. Our appearance is the way other people see perceive us, and how we feel about our looks can be directly linked to how we feel emotionally. If you feel negative about your outward appearance and suffer from low self-esteem, it can impact other areas of your life. Are you in a bit of a rut? If you want to make a change and feel more attractive, here’s how you can go about it.

Flash a Sparkling Smile. Everyone’s version of beauty might be different, but something that most people can agree on is that straight, white and healthy teeth are an attractive thing to have. You could have traditional metal braces or Invisalign to straighten your teeth. You could have a whitening treatment, or veneers to give you a gorgeous ‘Hollywood Smile.’ Nice teeth are a surefire way to improve your overall appearance. Dentists can be scary and no one really likes them, but being brave and getting in the chair can hugely improve your life. No more hiding your mouth when you smile or laugh, or cringing at pictures where you can see your teeth.

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Reach a Healthy BMI. Being at the correct weight for your height and age will allow you to look your best. If you are under or over this, work on reaching this target. Not only will you visually look better but you’ll also be healthier and avoid many kinds of preventable illnesses too. If you’re at a healthy weight but still don’t have the physique, you’ve always wanted, hit the gym which should help you to sculpt and define your figure. If you have pockets of stubborn fat that won’t shift with diet or exercise, you could try a nonsurgical liposuction treatment such as Juvederm. When you’re happy with your body, it allows you to wear the clothes you want and you can go out and enjoy life without being conscious. Forget crash diets, focus on clean eating and aim for healthy and balanced meals.

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Look After Your Hair and Skin. Glowing hair and clear skin are other traits most people would agree are attractive. If you’ve had the same cut and color for a while, how about visiting a hairdresser for something new? Use deep conditioning masks and oils to replenish and repair hair, and stop using home bleach or box dyes which can cause an immense amount of damage. A good skincare routine will help to improve and protect your skin, keeping you looking younger for longer. If you suffer from any skin issues, visit a dermatologist to get them taken care of and achieve the clear skin you’ve always wanted.

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Are you in a bit of a rut with the way you look? Will you be making any changes this year to boost your confidence and improve your appearance?

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