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Filipina Victims In The Middle East

It may sound incredible, but a Filipino woman who was hired by a Saudi family in 1987 as a domestic helper is now stranded at the Philippine Consulate in Jeddah after working as a shepherdess for 18 years in Al-Baha and weathering unpaid salaries, ice storms and being arrested several times by the police. “I want to go home as I don’t want to die here,” said Leonora Somera, aged 65, in an interview with Arab News yesterday. “My employer still owes me SR63,000 in back wages, but since it seems he cannot afford to pay me that amount, I’m ready to just go home.” “I never dreamed that this would happen to me,” the Nueva Ecija native said. “In the Philippines I was working as a bus conductor when my husband died. With a six-year-old daughter to support alone, I had no choice but to seek my fortune abroad. It was a colleague who suggested I apply to work as a maid in Saudi Arabia.” “Please help me go home,” Somera told this reporter yesterday, “I want to see my daughter.”

Read full report here.

When I first heard about it, I really felt bad. C’mon, she’s already 65! How could they do this to her?

This is the reason why I never let two of my cousins worked here as domestic helpers. They’d asked me to help them out. As much as I wanted to help, I did not encourage them. And I don’t want to be blamed if something like this happens. Instead, I told them to be with their family. Life abroad is not like what they think.

Not only that… Last night, it was in the news – another domestic helper seeking for help, a Filipina rape victim in Saudi.

It is so frustrating… *sigh*

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  • gracita

    naiyak ako mitch. naawa ako dun sa matanda and the rest of our kababayans who are suffering. they left our country full of hope, tapos ganyan? kawawa talaga. hay, in my own little ways, i hope i can help in the future 🙂

    Nakakaawa talaga. Makakarma din ang mga among ganyan, hmp!


  • mai

    for our unfortunate kababayans who had to deal with injustices outside the Philippines, I hope the government hears their plea… not just hear it but do something about it.

    Wish ko din yan….


  • Kongkong622

    What is more frustrating is that the government is only giving us lip-service when it comes to helping these victims. Puro press release lang tapos wala namang follow up. Katulad nung unang rape victim, rescue daw pero how many weeks ago na yun wala pa din.

    Mismo! Kaya minsan ang mga tao nawawalan ng gana na magsumbong pa, kasi it’s like wasting their time, wala din naman mangyayari.


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