Filtrepreneur-ship : Foodcart Franchise
Posted in November 18th, 2008
by mitch in Entrepreneurship

The links above will redirect you to eOFW, it’s just another blogsite whose purpose is to provide Information on financial and communication services for Overseas Filipino Workers and their families. And yes, I write for this site.

Majority of the Filipinos resort to going abroad simply because of the needs to make ends meet. But for how long? That, no one can tell. Some have sacrificed and even struggled more than half of their lives serving other country and its people. At the end of the day, they see themselves back to the Philippines empty handed. Of course, no one would want that. With these thoughts in mind, something must be considered at least for an option.

Since most of the Overseas Filipino Workers have their families left back home, several options are possible like venturing into business. But what if you have no enough capital to do so? And the fact that you know nothing about feasibility studies and other business related matters, how do you think this whole thing would fall into its proper places?

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