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First Fine Dining Experience

I had my first fine dining experience when I was already 21 years old heehee! It happened in my first job where I worked as a Purchasing Assistant. We just opened Subic Fisherman’s Wharf at that time. My former boss, Mr. Bradley Mitton who is now in Germany made my first fine dining experience possible in one of the restaurants in Subic Legenda Hotel.

It happened on my birthday, year 1996. It was supposed to be a food tasting purpose with the Executive Chef, but when he came to know that it was my birthday, he called and invited the Department Heads for lunch and they celebrated with me. Lucky me!

As I’ve said, I had no experience prior to that, so you can call me ignorant bwehehehe! Our Head Accountant was also a Filipina, that somehow made me comfortable with the group. On the way, I told her, whatever she orders, order for me too hahaha! OMG! She ordered Green Mango Juice, I didn’t realize it would be that sour hahaha! But I just nodded and told the waiter, I’ll have the same too! Bwahahaha! I’m sure they knew, I was tensed! And the numbers of cutleries, goodness! Which one first? Hahaha!

They’ve been good to me, everyone played “cowboys” including the top boss. And they even ordered chocolate cake from the hotel and distributed to the staff when we came back. Everyone said I was special. I thought so, too!

And I owe everything to my former boss. He taught me a lot! Yeah, that includes my first fine dining experience. *wink*

Being married to a Hotelier changed everything. Now I know the table etiquettes and other ek-eks hahaha!

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  • bingskee

    ha ha i remember a tale about a friend who first had his fine dining. there was this rolled hot towel, and he thought it was one of the menu! ha ha first timer experience.


  • Mitchteryosa

    @ Greymom: I won’t get tired eating and loving green mango, pero hindi ang juice hahaha!

    @ Bingskee : Tapos anong ginawa nya? Di ba nilasahan? :p LOL!


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