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Flash Back

I was actually looking for a kiddie design when I chanced upon Charles Neal’s interior design website. Everything flashed back. I remember seeing his catalogue back when I was still working in Bahrain where I used to keep and maintain the design catalogues and magazines that my boss brings from different countries whenever he travels. Then we would rely on that whenever we need designs required by our Clients. Otherwise, boss gives me the details and I Google them sometimes for almost a day trying to find the similar materials, as required.

At first, I was really doubtful if I could do the job well as I didn’t have any experience dealing with this kind of business. But as the days passed by, I began liking the job and actually missing it. I learned so much and still can apply the things I learned. Oh by the way, that’s also where I learned that the water hose installed in the toilets is called the ablution hose heehee! The part that I enjoyed most was the part where our draftsman draws the actual designs and sometimes let me do the technical pen marking. It felt like I was the one who made it after seeing the finished product.

One day, I’ll encounter the same job again when I manage our own house, the construction of our own house.

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