Flatlay Photography Tips

If you have been on in Instagram regularly or even just a lurker, you probably know and noticed what flatlay means/is. According to Weekend Notes, “flatlay is a picture of items or things taken from the top so as to give an impression of them laying flat on the ground.” I’ve seen a lot of photos taken this way on Instagram and mostly are make-ups, and their outfits for the day.

Being always curious that I am, I tried a couple and found it enjoyably challenging.

With just three (3) items to lay on your background, it’s easier but when I tried doing it with more than three (3) items, I had to do and rearranged them a couple of times till it looked better, at least for me. 

I’ve also done it on our dining glass table and I found it extra challenging. First struggle is the reflection of the ceiling light bulb and the height, that I had to step on a chair to get the perfect top view haha! Yet, I still find it imperfectly captured.

Were you also challenged like me? Head on to these sites and see what they have to say about Flatlay Photography:

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Give it a try and share your photos, too! Have fun and enjoy!

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