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Flawless & Sutla, my newest skincare

An ageing skin needs extra care. But you know what if it will cost me an arm, thanks but no thanks! Now, that I am jobless, I need to make the ends meet, well, at least for my personal effects hehe! I’m so glad I was introduced to Flawless & Sutla products. They’re not only affordable but also proven to be effective!!

Flawless Papaya Soap

Flawless Papaya Soap > This natural soap does it all for you. Its combination of ingredients including papaya, moringga, bengkoang, kojic, glutathione, collagen, vitamin E, and placenta gives you a power soap that works effectively to cleanse, moisturize, whiten, soften, and tighten the skin. This soap can be used as often as you wish for faster results.

It was never my intention to become whiter, I’m already fine with my skin color. I’m born with fair skin, therefore, I am happy with it. Since I used this soap, I could say that indeed it cleanses, moisturizes, tightens and softens my skin. There were days that I do not apply lotion because of the weather. I hate the  sticky feeling when I sweat. With this soap, I didn’t have to worry even if I skipped applying some.

Collagen with Multifruit Soap > Trust the healing benefits of various fruits in this collage with multifruit soap formulation. This gives you a mild and gentle soap to use for super sensitive skin. The collagen effectively reduces fine wrinkles and makes the skin look younger. The combined extracts of green papaya, sea weeds, moringga, apple, kalamansi, kojic, and guava all work together to give you softer, whiter, and cleaner skin. With this soap, you can say goodbye to wrinkles, pimples, hemorrhoids and other skin disorders.

I am now a believer of what this soap can do to your skin. 2 weeks ago, I get irritated whenever I see whiteheads grow on my face especially on the nose part. So happy I don’t see them now! Yes, this soap did magic to my face! I’m not exaggerating. I wish I could get a nice macro shot of it. I will, soon! Very soon!

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