When I read these words food allergy testing austin somewhere, it suddenly brought me back to the day when I thought I had developed food allergy.

One week after I arrived in Bahrain in year 1999, something abnormal happened to me. I started feeling itchy all over my legs. Until it developed red fluffy marks. Then, my arms, my body and last was my face. My colleagues kept on asking me if I can still catch my breath normally. I went for a check up with my room mate and we were escorted by our local Bahrain national security guard as we were both new that time and not much aware of the place.

The doctor gave me some antibiotics and pills thinking the redness and itchiness will subside soon. I was already lying down for more than 3 hours but it just wouldn’t go. Then they have decided to put me on dextrose till they’re gone. As we wait for the result, he asked me what was I doing before it started appearing on my legs. The only thing  could remember was I ate sausages for breakfast. Well, then, we all thought it was a food allergy. He then advised to watch my food and see what’s triggering the itchiness. After 4 long hours, I was back to normal. That night, I didn’t eat anything which I think could again trigger the allergy attack. I also continued taking the medicines prescribed to me. For 3 days, I was okay. 4th day from when it first happened, again, I experienced the same problem but that time it started on my face. It was really a puzzle to me coz I never had food allergies since I was a child. So, I went back for a check up and was again given additional medicines.

A month after, it happened again while I was out by the pool for a big function. I used to work in a Resort  and since I worked as an EA to the Food and Beverage Manager, my job then requires me from checking the functions and food outlets within the Resort. That night, the breeze was so strong and the weather was so cold. Winter in Bahrain. Red marks started to appear again. I couldn’t help but to scratch as it itches so badly. Then it hit me! I realized who the culprit was. The very cold weather. I had this since childhood. When it really really cold, I get itchy red marks all over my body which my old relatives call it “tagulabay”.

I felt bad coz I suspected that it was the food served in the Staff Cafeteria!!

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