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For Better, For Worse

Do you solemnly take ______ to be your husband/wife – to live together after God’s ordinance in the holy state of matrimony? Will you love each, comfort, honor and keep each other, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse…..

Are these lines sound familiar to you? Even if you’re not married yet, I’m sure they are.

But did you ever wonder how many among those married couples kept the promise they made that they will love, honor and keep each other for better, for worse? And how many really meant the words “I do” on their wedding day?

Honestly, I don’t know…..

I know couples who were officially married for 364 days only, or maybe less. You’ve read it right, 364. Sad but true, it really happened. They didn’t make it to their supposed-to-be first wedding anniversary. And when these people are close to your heart, the tendency that you get affected is very much possible.

So where’s the promise gone? Trashed? And why the hell did they say “I do” when it’s not meant and done. Don’t they know that marriage is all but full of ups and downs? And when a relationship is on its down, you just don’t give up. Making up comes naturally – that’s the time when the relationship gets more healthier.

I understand. Some relationship gets even worst after hundreds of trying to work it out. But the thing is at least you’ve both tried.

I’m talking about those who did not even try, those who just gave up… I wish they’d recall the promise that they had made. I wish to keep them back together, if not, at least respect each other.

Btw, this post has nothing to do with my marriage. Just thought of blogging it! As I’ve already said in my profile, to this date, I am still happily married.

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  • luisapages

    same thought.. but for so many reasons I can’t understand too. especially the infidelity part that led to the demise of the marriage.

    Next to infidelity is “money”. Once na-involved ang pera sa away ng mag-asawa, patay na.


  • janet

    marriage is sacred. but to some, marrying somebody is like buying a car.. or worse, buying a toy. once they’re done with it, they trash it… trade with something else, buy something else in fact. that’s why there are so many broken marriages nowadays.

    True. To some, it’s just a piece of paper.


  • hailey

    it takes two to tango. both parties should work on the marriage. and ther should be one option: stay in the marriage!
    once an option is considered the sanctity diminishes.
    at 33, i can say I am happily married for TEN years. God bless!

    Cheers to that!


  • Kongkong622

    I remember the “dad” talk my father had with me after I broke the news of my impending “sakal”….este “kasal”. He told me that I should think it over as many times as possible and that if I had even one iota of a doubt, don’t do it. Believe me, I thought and thought and thought.

    So far…we’ve been happily married and aim to be so for the rest of our lives 🙂

    My father had the same talk with me before getting married. Pero wala pa akong mapatunayan although I know na happily married kami, kasi 3 years pa lang… All I can do is hope and pray na umabot hanggang kamatayan, yihiiiiiiiiiiiiii!


  • hails

    i am still happily married at 33, after ten years of bliss and blisters in marriage. but the only way to work out marriage is to have one option: stay married. no other alternative!

    Korek. Stay married.


  • ckayen

    oh, sadness .when people close to you call it quits. I pray it was for the better. And it takes a lot of maturity to make marriage works and it a two way street, communication and initimacy plays a very integral part.


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