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This will be the first Christmas that me and Derelle will get to enjoy. And at almost 3, I’m sure she’ll appreciate the spirit of gift giving on Christmas day. The tradition that we Filipinos have – opening gifts at exactly 12 midnight or sometimes even earlier than that haha! With these thoughts, I’m really thinking hard what to give my daughter. Something that would make her real happy. I wanna see a glowing smile as she opens the gift. No, doll won’t make her happy. She’s not for it. I am actually thinking of buying a toy laptop for her. I’ve seen one in one of the shops here in Olongapo, it has a pink mouse with it. It looks like a real one. I thought if she gets that, then maybe she’d allow me to work peacefully haha! But then I might end up sharing the seat with her, coz for sure she’d insist to put the thing on my desk as well, so I’m dropping that idea unless I get her a table at the same time ahuhuhu!

The “thinking” isn’t over yet… I still am. *sigh* She adores Barney but I think it’s not too girly haha! She also loves Dora, but she’s already got Dora stuff.

I’m running out of ideas… But you know what, the other day I saw some disney figurine displayed in the shop where I bought the gifts for my friend’s kids. I thought that would do for now. Haha! Anyway. she also knows Pooh! Kidding! Of course, I’d still look for some that would surely make my little one happy. These are just random gift ideas. We’ll see…..

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  • nica mandigma

    I’m getting my daughter a kiddie laptop for Christmas too. Maybe if Derelle has a small study desk, you place it near your desk it then she wouldn’t bother you so much. You can then play “opis-opisan” instead of “bahay-bahayan” and she’ll be the secretary! You can ask her to make coffee with all her “luto-lutuan” toys!

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  • Mitch

    That’s a brilliant idea, Nica! I’ll do that. Kaso ayaw nya ng lutu-lutuan haha! She doesn’t have that, ang pinabili kanina eh make-up make-up-an LOL! Nasesense ko na ano sya paglaki. :p


  • LiveBingo

    To choose the best gift for someone special or even for children is really a bit too hard. If your children are near their teen’s, then the best idea is to buy them a kiddie laptop. In this, he can find himself his lovable activities, games, cartoon, sketching etc. and a lot much more in advance, a very merry Christmas. Best of luck


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