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Remember the day when I blogged about my anorexic days? Something scares me… I weighed myself last week and it was only 47 kgs. I lost 3 kgs and I feel that those days are slowly coming back.

Of course not, I’m not on diet. I’ll never go on diet. My girlfriends tell me I’m crazy over gaining weight when most of them are dying hard to lose some. Well, I’m the opposite, I really wanted to gain weight. But there’s another thing that scares me. What if that days comes, I won’t be able to control it anymore? Hmmmm, sounds bad!

Well, worry no more, Mitch! I recently found a calorie counter that would help me track my diet. With this, you are actually keeping a food diary that you could read on each time you feel that you are accumulating tons and tons of calories in your system.

What are you waiting for, visit their site and get some tips on how to maintain a good figure without depriving yourself from eating your best food choices!


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  • annamanila

    You were aneroxic? Or is that exazh? I think you will never get fat even if you lost control.

    🙂Exazh lang po hehehe! Yun kasi tingin ko sa sarili ko dati dahil sa sobrang payat ko hahaha!


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