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I’ve been using Image Shack for hosting the images that I post here and in other forums that I’m in. I find this host user-friendly. You can even upload your ever memorable video clips. Since I use Image Shack regularly, I decided to install its Toolbar.

The ImageShack Toolbar integrates with Firefox, Internet Explorer 6.0 and Windows XP and has drag-and-drop, right-click upload, free multiple image upload and many other features. If you wish to know other Image Shack features and tools, you may find it here.

By doing that, you are able to upload multiple images at one time and make a slide show if you want, resize them at the same time accordingly. See screenshot below (click on it for larger view):

Just like Flickr (which I use for my digiscrap creations), you can also go back to your saved/uploaded images at any time (that is if you’ve registered an account with them). With Flickr, you can segregate your uploaded images. You can file them by sets.

What I like most from Flickr is the Daily Zeitgeist. You can find my Daily Zeigeist in my sidebar.

The Daily Zeitgeist is a little bit of fun that you can add to your website. It is built in Flash, and displays recent photos from Flickr.

What about you? What free image host do you use?

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