With the recent approval of President Aquino to the much needed privatization of Olongapo City’s power distribution infrastructure, I thought we’d no longer encounter frequent brownouts in Olongapo City. I was wrong.

candle light

Last night was terrible. The fact that summer heat can already be felt, it’s just not right to experience power outages for 7 hours straight during summer time! The kids were affected that they couldn’t sleep. I was even more worried of  my youngest, hoping she won’t have an asthma attack.

I just hope whatever debts my hometown owes Psalm will be resolved soon. We pay our utilities monthly and on time, and we, residents of Olongapo do not deserve this at all.

Wishful thinking, maybe it wil help if we can have something like a prepaid electricity that is available anytime, whenever needed, like how you can buy alec bradley cigars in the market.

Mitch Carvalho

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