Mobile phones these days are getting so light and thin.

1-horzKeeping a grip is really a challenge. Sometimes, we lose our grip, drop our phones and when it hit the pavement that’s when you realized that having a cracked screen is not funny at all. Hard cases to the rescue!!! But these cases have become a trend that they also get too expensive.

Thanks to the geniuses who have invented phone grips and rings! It has somehow solved the issue of keeping a grip on our portable devices/gadgets. 


I’ve found this phone grip online. It has an elastic holder and a bonus stand, which has solved another problem in giving us a simple way to prop our phones/device for watching videos, hands free. Who’s the happiest of all? Of course my girls hahaha! (My youngest didn’t want to have a photo of her taken during the time when I was in the mood for pictorial so it’s just my eldest who shared a pose, as she enjoys her saved videos.)

We also had these phone grip with elastic holders early this year from abroad but they didn’t last long. Glad my friend, Kat, who owns Bopbop Orani in Orani, Bataan have these. Cool eh??!

Grab yours now before you regret! That happened to me twice already when I dropped my phone while charging, on vibration. I almost cried after seeing my 2-month old S3 dropped to pieces with a screen that looked like a spider web. Why spend more than Php6k for repairs when you can actually have this grip for only Php50??

Bopbop Orani also sells cactus & succulents and kawaii stuff.

Half of my cactus collection were purchased from her plus my most recent purchase, a Hello Kitty tweezer hahaha! I really find it cute so there’s no way I’d pass on this one!


Mitch Carvalho

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