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Get Lost, Greta!!!

Ano ba Greta? What made you produce an album? Haaaaaaaay! What is this all about? Another gimmick? OMG! She’s singing live (I think) in Boy & Kris right now and her voice is really annoying me!

Sorry to those who admire her but I never liked her! Grrrrrr! Buti na lang her chosen songs are nice otherwise nakuuuuuu! Take note, her chosen songs huh! Not the way she sings them! Duh!

If I know, she’s copying Kris because of the recent albums Kris had, at least Kris didn’t dare sing them because she knows (maybe) she can’t sing them well!

I would suggest na mag-concentrate ka na lang sa acting career mo, that is if you still have one…

Ooooops! Just my thoughts! This is my blog so I have the right to express my thoughts and opinions hehehe!

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