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Get started with JustBeenPaid {JBP} following 12 simple steps

If you have already signed up with JustBeenPaid aka JBP and do not know what to do next, here are the 12 simple steps with video clips that you could follow:

  1. Complete the sign up process.
  2. Claim your free $10 and start earning.
  3. Update your JBP profile details.
  4. Set up payment processors.
  5. Fund your main JSS account.
  6. Transfer funds from JSS to JSS-Tripler.
  7. Compound JSS-Tripler Earnings And See Future Earnings With The JSS-Tripler Calculator.
  8. Transfer Funds From JSS-Tripler To JSS Then Withdraw Funds To Payment Processors.
  9. Withdraw Funds From Your Payment Processor To Your Bank.
  10. Access Your Free Gift “Upgrade Your Brain”.
  11. Upgrade/Renew To LEVEL 1 Status.
  12. Access JBP Web Conferences And Other Helpful JBP Pages.

Getting referrals and earning from it should not stop there. Support your downlines! Templates can also be found here.

Do not worry if it would confuse you from step 1. Yes, the steps are simple but how it actually works also confuses me as if I am trying to understand and compare errors and omissions insurance quotes.

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