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Working in the Research and Design Division also requires well-organization of things like books and magazines. Every time my boss travels, he buys different design books and also orders online. He’s also a subscriber of different design and restaurant magazines. Most of the time, I receive more than 10 books in one purchase. Right now our shelves are full and occupied and I do not know how to arrange them anymore in a way that they are easily seen and searched whenever needed. I’ve already requested from our carpentry shop but they said that the office does not give enough space to make another one like the existing one. I then suggested that we should have proper shelving in the library. A multi one which can also be used for storing of other stuff aside from books. Since we have 5 restaurants at the moment, we can also use these shelves them for storing kitchen items.

Since I’m the one doing the research online, I’ve started sourcing shelving and storage cabinets that come in different sizes, shapes and types. I’m just waiting for his approval whether to go ahead with the order or not. Knowing him, I bet he’ll change his mind again in the next few minutes…

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