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Getting NSO docs, a headache

I was hopeless. I needed the docs before February 8. Good thing my friend mentioned about the DFA Consular Records Division  (CRD). I didn’t waste a day. That very next day, Derrick & I went to DFA Macapagal, fall in the queue and requested for these small slips that would tell me whether our documents have been been transmitted to the NSO.

CRD Slips

The slips say that our docs were transmitted in January 2008. That gave me hope. Our docs could not be obtained from any NSO branch as stated on the slip. Since we were already in Manila, I told my husband let’s give it a try in Makati City Hall. But when we got there, believe me, the queue looked like a blockbuster hit of a certain movie! So I said, forget it and let head back to Olongapo and try with NSO Subic.

At exactly 4:15pm, I was in NSO Subic. Unfortunately, cut-off time application was over and I was advise to get it done the next day. Since I had to be back at work, I asked my cousin to get them for me. To my surprised, he was told that our records have not reached this branch yet. It had been 6 years since we reported these docs, and been transmitted 5 years ago, yet they are not still available? What’s the problem then?

Good thing, I also requested copies from the Main NSO in Quezon City via Teleserv after my annoying experience in DFA Pampanga and got them few days after we went to DFA Macapagal.

I hope NSO would pay attention to this. How about those people who need certificates but have no access to Teleserv and Main National Statistics Office?

One thing I learned was always do a back up like how I did. Anyway, time to get online tasks done. I got the last one: deferred annuity information.

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