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Have you done Christmas shopping yet? If not, same here…. I have not bought any Christmas Gifts for my loved ones yet. Been busy these past few days that I didn’t notice Christmas is fast approaching. Oh well, honestly I don’t want to think about it. This will be  my first Christmas away from my husband. He left this morning, off to his new workplace. And we’ll soon be going home to Philippines, hoping to celebrate this season with my family.

Speaking of going home…. my mom told me yesterday that one of the neighbors informed her If I can make it on Christmas day. Their daughter’s Christening day is set on Christmas and they’ve chosen me to be one of the Godmothers. As I’m not sure yet, I told my mom to look for Christening Gifts while she’s in Manila. Not sure but she’ll try to get one for me, she’s busy going out of town with her cousins who just came from the US to spend Christmas.

And because she’s too busy roaming around, I’ve anticipated that already. I searched online for these and chanced upon Getting Personal’s website. I am really glad that I found this website, it gave me an idea on which to give as a birthday favor for my daughter’s birthday next month. Since her birthday falls on January, I’m thinking of giving away Personalized Calendars, useful enough for the whole year round. 🙂 Oh well, let’s see… Maybe they have more interesting stuff…

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