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Whenever she asks for something I couldn’t give at that moment, I would always answer with “mamaya”, for her “mamaya” does not literally mean “mamaya”. Anything “mamaya” means “future” for her.

The other day, she once again asked me to take her to the playground. I told her “mamaya” coz Mama isn’t so well yet. And she answered me with:

Deye : Dada always says “okay, okay”.

Me : That is Dada, not Mama.

Deye : You always say “mamaya, mamaya”



This morning, she was so engrossed watching Jollitown. Despite of telling her to get her school bag many times, she just ignored me and must have decided to completely ignore me for the rest of that hour.

I got pissed off and called her in an angry voice. Gave her one nice sermon and have her faced the wall for few minutes. I was going to the bank to do some errands so I had to lift the punishment quickly and strictly told her “No TV and computers even in the weekends, you are grounded!”

Two hours later, I came back. She’s already smiling. So I told her “I’ll fix your hair now”. She, as usual, started a nice conversation.

Deye : Mama, am I going to school?

Me : Yes.

Deye : Ahhh… that’s why you are fixing my hair?

Me : Yes. Why?

Deye : I thought I’m grounded, why do I have to go to school?

Me : Yes, you are and still are but that doesn’t mean you are not going to school. You just can’t play your games in the computer and no cartoons.

She kept quiet… End of discussion.

Nice try though! Hahahaha!

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