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Getting the perfect arches

Getting a perfect arch is not easy! You may get a perfect arch on your left but it’ll never be balanced and aligned with your right, unless you have mastered doing it through the years.

I would say I’m lucky enough to have an almost perfect pair of eyebrows but you know that feeling when you wanted to do more. That you won’t just stop till you are satisfied with how you look. I’m just talking about my eyebrows here, mind you haha! When I saw this eyebrow set online through Rhoxie’s Fab Finds, without a second thought, I ordered one. Not to forget the convenience and the fact that she’s from Subic, Zambales. That saves me a lot from paying the shipping fee/s!

Eyebrow Set

For only Php300, you’ll get:

Purple Wizard 2 in 1 Eyebrow Cake and Eyeshadow

Magical Eyebrow Style Stencils, in 4 different styles.

Right after my meet up with Rhoxie yesterday, I tried them on and here’s the outcome.

A perfect arch eh??! I used Style c1 above, mixing the two shades plus the non-smudge Naked2 Pen Liquid Eyeliner (upper lid) and Davis Double Eyeliner (black). However, I had a hard time using the stencil as I couldn’t hold it still, but able to do it after half an hour of trying and trying.

Next time, I’ll do it using another style with my eyes fully made up.

Should you want to try and purchase the above items, you may contact:

Rhoxie’s Fab Finds
Mobile No.: 0912 327 6122

I promise you, she’s got a haul of beauty items to die for at a very cheap price!

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  • JLo

    I didn’t know that there are eyebrow stencils available in the market. Being a member of a chorale, we do our own make up every performance and I really hate doing the eyebrows. This might help me.


  • Sumi Go | The Purple Doll

    I envy you sis for having really nice brows! My natural brows are super sparse and it took me several years to finally get my brows to look nice. Mine still doesn’t have that perfect arch since my natural brows are straight ala Korean brows, but I’m quite contented na rin. Haha!

    Anyway, this product seems promising. And for only P300? Sulit ah! 🙂 Will check this out later. Hopefully they have lighter shades.


  • Ane

    Lucky you have good eyebrows to begin with, so it’s not such a hassle to do your brows. 😛 I on the other hand have a unibrow if I grow it out, think Brooke Shields’ eyebrows but thicker and fuller and less attractive, hahaha! 😛 But I’ve finally learned how to do them without having to spend so much money. 😛

    I love shopping local online shops too, great to save on shipping fees and the risk of being scammed is 0%. 😛 hehe


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