Go Away!

These bugs and moths are really irritating me! There are days when we have to turn the lights off so that these moths won’t come bugging us around. I really wonder where these pests are coming from. Is it an obvious sign that our house badly needs a fumigation? I’ve asked around already but I find their rates too costly. I wish there’s Terminix in our place to help us with this problem. *sigh*

But wait, would these moths go away forever after this procedure? I don’t think they would… Anyway, when moths attacked our house again last week, I made a research and this was what I’ve found:

Moths frequently appear to circle artificial lights. One hypothesis advanced to explain this behavior is that moths use a technique of celestial navigation called transverse orientation.

Hmmmm… that’s why. So what do we do? We turn off the lights, light a candle and put it in a bucket and wait till they completely go away!

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