I promise I didn’t buy anything unuseful from the recently Lazada midyear sale. One of them was this lunch box that I have been wanting to buy but couldn’t find the perfect match to my liking. The size is bigger than what I was expecting, and that’s great!


No, I am not into bento baon making ‘coz I know I cannot keep up until the end of the school year, but I have been looking for something with partitions so that the dishes won’t mix with each other.

So there, I patiently searched for it during the Lazada midyear sale and luckily found this one with lunch bag included.

Although we use Lock n’ Lock containers, I think it’s just too much to separate dishes and end up with 3 to 4 small containers, and besides, it’s also inconvenient to fit them all in a small lunch bag.

There’s also a slot for utensils on top of the lid. Chopsticks and spoon were included in the package when bought. However, the common size of spoon and fork that we use at home won’t fit at all, but that’s okay, the bag itself has extra space on the sides where you can put the utensils. That’s what we do.

This lunchbox is also best to take when you work in an office, where a pantry is also provided for employees. The stainless steel container separates with the bottom container where you can put hot water to reheat the food.

I also love that the closure has two meeting zippers. If one goes bad, then you still have one left haha!

There’s also a strap attached and stitched on top of the bag for easy handling. I just hope it won’t easily give up on us.

I’ve never heard of the brand written on the item but it’s sold by Cocapark in Lazada, but not a big deal for as long as it’s useful and worth what I’ve paid for. I’ve scored this for Php426, orig valued at Php825, and not at Php458. Not bad! I plan to buy another one for my eldest so she has something to use when needed.

Here’s the link if you wish to check/buy. If you check their online store over at Lazada, they have other interesting items that can ruin your budget hahahaha! Happy shopping!


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