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Good Girl!

It has been our routine to go to the mall at least 2x a week on a regular basis. Not to shop but to let my daughter enjoy the rides that she couldn’t get over with. But today was a little different coz she was not wearing her diapers the whole time we were out.

Me : *asking my mom* Lagyan ko kaya syang diaper?”

My mom : Wag na, nagsasabi naman eh!

Me : Eh kung biglang maihi na walang CR na malapit, alangang paupuin sa gilid?

My mom : Bahala ka…. pero nagsasabi naman na, hindi yan… *my mom was consistent not to put her diaper on*

Of course I gave in to my mom’s suggestion, besides she knows better than I do. I’ve only been a mother for 2 and a half years while she’s been a mother to me for 30 something years haha!

Twice at the mall, Deye told me that she wanted to pee. Lucky us, there was a toilet just opposite where we were standing. She also told me that she wanted to pee while we were having lunch.

In short, we came home with her panty still dry. Hehe! Yey! May nabawas na sa nilalagay sa bag ko > diaper. Kaso napalitan naman ng panty nya hahaha!

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  • analyse

    good girl deye! i agree to your mom, you have to be consistent. and when she request to sleep without diapers, just give in.. lagyan mo na lang ng maraming sapin yung bed hehe.. that’s how louna shifted to no diapers at all..

    and yes, louna doesn’t appreciate it that i stay infront of the pc sometimes, so i seldom bloghop nowadays.. and im having backaches too kaya ayan, tamad, lol.


  • Mama Mitch

    Ay ganun ba? Thanks for the tips! She refused once at night kaso I insisted kasi nga baka mabasa kami hehe! Di bale I’ll try it tomorrow.

    But so far she’s doing okay, no diapers during day time at all. Tipid na namin sa diapers. Yung 48 pcs till now kalahati pa din more than a week na. Heehee!


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