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Good Opps Still Pouring In

I received a lot of responses the day after I posted my resume in Best Jobs. I couldn’t believe that they’ve paid attention to my resume LOL!

It was the same day when I was called for an interview and it was the next day when I got hired. Even after that, good opps still poured in are still pouring in.

I even received an SMS that says:

This is from the office of Kagawad Piano. Urgently in need an applicant, proficient in English and computer literate.

I thought it was a joke and somebody was just using his name. So I replied “Who is this please?”

Again, he replied saying he’s from the office of Kagawad Piano…….

I then asked him “How did you get my number?”

He finally said “You sent your resume to right?”

Then I thought “Oo nga naman LOL!”

I love the feeling when people give or pay attention to my application/resume. And I am so thankful that I am blessed with a new job immediately. I feel that year 2009 will be a good year for me.

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