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GrainPro’s Hermetic Storage Products

Hermetic StorageGrainPro Inc. develops and offers “hermetic” post harvest technology for extended long term storage and effective organic fumigation of dry agricultural produce like rice, corn, seeds, grains, wheat, beans without the use of harmful & costly chemical pesticides in addition to maintaining its quality, aroma, taste and germination effect for seeds.

It is a better alternative for rigid metal or concrete silos.

Our wide range of patented products such as the Cocoons, Super Grain Bags and Collapsible Drying Cases are widely used in tropical and sub-tropic countries like the Philippines. Our products can suit your storage needs from our 20kg-1 tonner for our Super Grain Bags to our Cocoons that can store up to 1050MT of commodities.

GrainPro products are mobile, effective and simply easy to use. If you want to know more about hermetic technology and the wonders/benefits that GrainPro’s products can do for your business, please call +63 47 252 7884 for a free consultation or estimate.

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