Green Green Grass Of Home

One thing I love about Subic is the green view that they are able to maintain. If you have been here, you’d know. Here? Yes, here coz I’m here hehe! I’m a certified batang Gaponian since birth, if you still don’t know. Okay, now that you know, just give me a call if ever you plan to come here, and I’ll be happy to escort you, and we’d both find the ways to go wherever wahahaha! Honestly, I don’t know much inside the SBMA, been out of the Subic circulation for a while.

Anyway, back to the greenery side of Subic, I was able to see it again last Saturday. We went to Boardwalk to see a concert and passed by Legenda Hotel and Casino Filipino. Amazing how these establishments maintain their frontier. It’s been a while…. Now, you’d find nice landscapes around them too! I wonder if Trugreen has got something to do with this, hmmmm… Okay, now that’s an imagination coz they are miles away from Subic. But you’ll never know, maybe they supply the seeds or whatever you call it. When I was still working abroad, we also have our Landscape Dept. and order our supplies from different countries. So it’s possible….

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