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Green Living Monday #9

I’ve been sharing nature views the past Mondays, this time, for a change I am going to share two of our best selling GrainPro organic products.

The inflated balloon that you see is just a demo of our product called Cocoon.

It is a hermetic rectangular structure made of lightweight UV resistant PVC. The simple two-piece Cocoon consists of a top cover and bottom floor piece joined together with a PVC tongue-&-groove zipper similar to those used to close environmental safety suits. Insects trapped in the bagged grain expire in a matter of days as a result of an increase in carbon dioxide and reduction of oxygen. Cocoons are packed folded in a carry bag for transport and can be made ready for use in minutes. Cocoons are designed to store bagged commodities such as:

  • grains
  • seeds and pulses
  • cacao and coffee beans
  • other dry agricultural products

Another one is SuperGrainbag.

This product serves as a protective liner. This is how it is used with a typical sack or jute bag.

Above photos were taken during the VIV Asia 2011 Exhibit we attended in Bangkok. Btw, your truly laid out the posters in the background.

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